TXY Sealants

With more than 30 years’ experience in the online leak sealing
industry, TXY offers a variety of sealants to meet the needs of the
energy sector. Selecting the right sealant is critical to the success of
a leak sealing project. As a result, TXY has simplified the selection
process by limiting the number of sealants required in the field to only
six. These sealants are compatible with more than 300 chemicals
commonly found in industrial and petrochemical environments and
are capable of sealing leaks within a wide range of temperatures and

TXY Sealant Overview
• TXY-8 Non-curing Teflon (-380 ~ 500) • TXY-16 Heat cured Rubber (<1,260 Max)
• TXY-18 Heat cured Rubber (175 ~1,470) • TXY-18A Heat cured Rubber (300 ~1,650)
• TXY-T9 Non-curing Graphite (200 ~ 1,650) • TXY-T10 Non-curing Graphite (200 ~1,430)