Valve Sales, Installation and Repair

As part of a comprehensive mechanical and industrial services portfolio, Texas Compression offers valve sales, installation and repair to our customers. Our Texas based
warehouse stocks valves from more than a dozen manufactures listed below. In addition to manually controlled valves, we offer motor operated valves (MOV’s) and actuators. Our field service technicians will remove and reinstall valves, motor operated valves and actuators, select and install correct gaskets and properly torque bolting, test valve operation and DCS control. Our technicians can also perform repairs in the field by repacking offline valves or by performing a drill and taps for on-line valves.

New Valve Manufacturers:
• Bonney Forge • Crane • DSI
• KITZ • NEWCO • Neway
• P.B.V. • Powell Valves • Quadrant
• Sharpe Valves • SMITH Valve • Velan
• WALWORTH • Warren Valve • W-K-M
• Others manufactures available upon request

New Valve Types:
• Gate
• Globe
• Check
• Ball
• Butterfly
• Plug

Hydrawrap Composite Repair System

The HydraWrap® Fiber reinforced Polymer System provides a nonmetallic chemical and corrosion resistant structural repair to damaged or degraded pipes (thin-wall and through-wall). The HydraWrap® Composite Repair System is a combination of high rerformance epoxies and custom-made carbon fiber fabric. This combination produces a noncorrosive structural repair that conforms to various shapes and sizes. The HydraWrap® systems are designed with a minimum of two layers of fabric with additional reinforcement being achieved through additional layers. HydraTech’s engineers provide the HydraWrap® specifications and calculations required for each installation to ensure that every repair is designed to meet or exceed the client’s specifications

• Complies with ASME PCC-2 Article 4.1 & 4.2
• Complies with DOT 49CFR 192 & 195
• Restores structural integrity
• Repairs corroded assets
• Repairs mechanically damaged assets
• Chemical and corrosion resistant polymers
• Fast cure, low cost and long-term solution
• 100% volume solids epoxies (No VOC’s)

HydraTite Mechanical Sealing System

HydraTite® seals are custom made for each project. Seals
provide a low cost option for the repair of leaking joints, with projects normally completed in days, not weeks! Superior quality and intricate design assures a tight, leak free seal. In use for more than 20 years, the system consists of a custom EPDM rubber seal held in place by stainless steel retaining bands. The seals can be interlocked to span long lengths of pipe, and can include a backing band to remediate pressure piping and cooling water expansion joints. The seals flexibility accommodates for shifting, vibration, ground settling and thermal expansion/contraction while the low profile ensures minimal flow loss. HydraTite® internal pipe joint seals are a proven solution for pipe joint repairs, pressure pipe repairs and joint infiltration in drinking water systems, storm drain and waste water systems, liquid and gas pipelines and power generation stations.

• Provides up to a 50 year design life
• Conforms to round, square and oval culverts
• Requires only hours of installation time per seal
• Maintains system pressure boundary integrity
• NSF / ANSI 61 Certified for drinking water
• Turnkey service available
• Roughly 1/3 the

PolySpray Polyurea System

PolySpray® is an advanced line of polyurea based coatings
that resemble a spray-applied plastic. These coatings provide outstanding abrasion and  corrosion resistance and are utilized in applications that require a tough, high build liner or coating. While traditional coatings are typically limited to thin film applications and tend to be brittle in nature, PolySpray® offers a high build, non-brittle coating without sacrificing physical properties. PolySpray® can withstand mechanical shock and cures within seconds allowing for immediate return to service. These high build, seamless coatings are perfect for waterproofing and encapsulation applications where rapid return to service is
required. PolySpray® is suitable for the rehabilitation of
tank roofs and liners, chemical sewers, sanitary waste
pipes, storm drain culverts and secondary containment

• High flexibility & toughness
• Immediate return to service
• Chemical resistant
• Abrasion resistant
• Excellent mechanical properties
• High build liner / coating
• Seamless application
• Thermal stability
• Moisture tolerant

TXY Sealants

With more than 30 years’ experience in the online leak sealing industry, TXY offers a variety of sealants to meet the needs of the energy sector. Selecting the right sealant is critical to the success of a leak sealing project. As a result, TXY has simplified the selection process by limiting the number of sealants required in the field to only six. These sealants are compatible with more than 300 chemicals commonly found in industrial and petrochemical environments and are capable of sealing leaks within a wide range of temperatures and pressures.

TXY Sealant Overview
• TXY-8 Non-curing Teflon (-380 ~ 500) • TXY-16 Heat cured Rubber (<1,260 Max)
• TXY-18 Heat cured Rubber (175 ~1,470) • TXY-18A Heat cured Rubber (300 ~1,650)
• TXY-T9 Non-curing Graphite (200 ~ 1,650) • TXY-T10 Non-curing Graphite (200 ~1,430)