PolySpray Polyurea System

PolySpray® is an advanced line of polyurea based coatings
that resemble a spray-applied plastic. These coatings
provide outstanding abrasion and corrosion resistance and
are utilized in applications that require a tough, high build
liner or coating. While traditional coatings are typically
limited to thin film applications and tend to be brittle in
nature, PolySpray® offers a high build, non-brittle coating
without sacrificing physical properties. PolySpray® can
withstand mechanical shock and cures within seconds
allowing for immediate return to service. These high build,
seamless coatings are perfect for waterproofing and
encapsulation applications where rapid return to service is
required. PolySpray® is suitable for the rehabilitation of
tank roofs and liners, chemical sewers, sanitary waste
pipes, storm drain culverts and secondary containment

• High flexibility & toughness
• Immediate return to service
• Chemical resistant
• Abrasion resistant
• Excellent mechanical properties
• High build liner / coating
• Seamless application
• Thermal stability
• Moisture tolerant