Abrasive Blasting & Industrial Coatings

Coating is the first line of defense against corrosion. Texas Compression offers a wide variety of industrial and specialty coating solutions to meet your specific needs. Different industrial substrates and environmental conditions require different coatings and procedures. We have professionally trained coating inspectors and technicians able to assess and prepare a coating specification, prepare the substrate, apply coatings per the specification and document all supporting actions required by the specification. With Texas Compression, you can be confident that you are receiving the most cost-effective solution applied with the highest level of quality to ensure your assets are properly protected from corrosion.

•  Coating inspection

•  Abrasive blasting and Coating

• Specialty tank and vessel liners

• Secondary containment liners

• Rapid cure polyurea systems

• High temperature applications

• Soil-Air interface inspection and repair

• Intumescent fireproofing and insulation

Composite Repair & Rehabilitation

Texas Compression understands the importance of maintaining assets while eliminating down-time. In doing so, we offer a prompt, reliable and cost-effective solution to keep your facility or pipeline online and in production. Texas Compression offers HydraWrap®, a nonmetallic chemical and corrosion resistant structural repair, comprised of high performance epoxies and custom-made carbon fiber fabric. HydraWrap® offers a long term, flexible alternative to welded sleeves or pipe replacement and complies with ASME and DOT standards. HydraWrap® can be applied to the exterior of a pipe as a wrap or to the interior as a liner. In addition to pipe, HydraWrap® may be used to extend the life of tanks, vessels and various other structures.

• Complies with ASME PCC-2 Article 4.1 & 4.2

• Complies with DOT 49CFR 192 & 195

• Restores assets to original design specifications

• Repairs corroded or mechanically damaged assets

• Chemical and corrosion resistant polymers

• Fast cure, low cost and long-term solution

• 100% volume solids epoxies (No VOC’s

Online Leak Repair

Texas Compression understands the challenges associated with on-line leak repair and the importance of environmental compliance. We provide a cost effective, engineered solution to keep your facility online and in compliance. We understand the cost associated with unscheduled plant shutdowns as well as the risk associated with employee health, safety and environmental compliance. Our technicians are highly trained professionals capable of assessing the situation and making the appropriate recommendations. Texas Compression designs, fabricates and installs leak repair devices. Texas Compression is available for emergency call-outs and offers around the clock service to meet our clients ever changing needs.

• Drill & Taps

• Wire wraps

• Flange clamps & enclosures

• Operable valve enclosures

• Flange management program

• Technical bolting and torquing

• Tank roof & chime seal repair

Concrete & Masonry Repair

As part of our mechanical and industrial services portfolio, Texas Compression offers a complete line of concrete and masonry repair services to help maintain your facility and infrastructure. We will repair concrete piping, equipment foundations, containment walls and various other concrete structures. In addition to repairs, Texas Compression provides new construction services including equipment foundations, containment walls, flatwork and grouting services. Allow us to help you achieve peak performance and extend the service life of your rotating and reciprocating equipment.

• Secondary containment repairs and overlays

• Injectable grout and epoxy based crack sealing

• Cement, epoxy and chemical resistant grout

• Equipment and structural grouting

• Polyurea spray applied liners

• Expansion joint repair

• Hydra-Tite mechanical seals installed

Bolting, Torquing and Tensioning

New construction, repairs and modifications to assets are only as reliable as the bolting that holds it all together. As part of a comprehensive mechanical and industrial services program, Texas Compression provides technical bolting and torquing services. We utilize both hydraulic bolting systems as well as bolt tensioning systems depending on your specific needs and requirements. Our tensioning systems allow gaskets to be compressed evenly and more precisely by applying even pressure across the sealing surface and provides accurate torque by eliminating torque loss due to friction. Allow Texas Compression to provide service for all of your upcoming bolting and torquing needs.

• Inspection and preparation of sealing surfaces

• Alignment of joints and sealing surfaces

• Cleaning and preparation of bolting

• Proper selection of gasket material

• Procedures and specifications

• Field machining services

• QA / QC program

Robotic Video Inspection

Texas Compression has the ability to inspect piping systems and storm drains without entry into a confined space. We do this by using robotic crawlers equipped with HD video cameras and DVR system. This allows us to visually inspect your assets for abnormalities that could result in an environmental release or process contamination. Our professionally trained technicians are able to perform these inspections on a variety of structures, including but not limited to, piping systems, water and wastewater systems, storm sewer systems, culverts, vessels, and electrical conduit.

• Suitable for hazardous environments

• Identify soil and root infiltration

• Identify corrosion and internal erosion

• Identify points of separation or misalignment

• Identify structural deficiencies and potential

points of failure

Facility & Right of Way Maintenance

Texas Compression offers facility and right of way maintenance services to our customers. We understand that maintenance is performed for more than appearance purposes; it is a function of safety and security for the facility, land owners, neighbors, and community. At Texas Compression, we provide high quality, professional services at competitive pricing. All of our equipment operators are OQ certified and safety trained. We service plants, utility and pipeline right of ways as well as private roadways and railways. Allow Texas Compression to review and quote any upcoming projects you may have.

Equipment we utilize:

• Kubota M Series tractor with wench

• Rhino 15’ Flex-Wing rotary cutter

• Rhino 8’ heavy duty rotary cutter

• Kubota side by side utility vehicle

• Kubota & Toro Zero-Turn mowers

• Kubota & Toro Mowers